Living Beauty, Inside & Out

I'm Maranda Higginbotham

Welcome to my world, where beauty and passion converge. I'm a wife, a mother, an influencer and an entrepreneur. At the heart of it all, I'm just a small-town girl who loves to read, cook, and spend time with her family, both two-legged and four-legged.

I'm in the exciting world of social sharing and influencer marketing and promoting products that not only enhance beauty on the outside, but nurture it from within. I'm a proud representative and influencer of Bella Grace Global, and I am excited to share these products and lifestyle with you.

Beauty with Bella Grace

The Beginning

My journey with Bella Grace began with our first product, an award-winning Elixir that we believe truly represents our ethos that beauty is more than skin deep. Our skin care recently launched and it has met and exceeded every expectation!


My Golden Rule

Go Where You Are Celebrated

My philosophy is simple, treat others as you'd want to be treated. It's an ethos that extends to my business and the way I interact with my amazing customers and team members.

Empowering Others

You Are Worth It

I have a passion for helping people to create the time freedom and financial independence they've always dreamed of in life. Whether you're 30, 60, or somewhere in between; my mission is to assist you in building a life as beautiful as you.

Join Us in Our Journey

There Is Room For You At My Table

This is so much more than just a beauty brand! It's a community. It's a lifestyle. It's a boating trip on the lake, a witty joke, a home-cooked meal, a love for animals and a belief in the power of inner beauty. Join me in our journey, and let's create something beautiful together.


My Blog

I love sharing my thoughts and trainings with you.

Unleashing My Inner Influencer: My Bella Grace Global Journey and How You Can Join Me

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